Welcome to DAGS

Established in 2005,
DAGS has set its sights on becoming one of the leading Set-Top Box(STB) manufacturers in Korea.
Backed by a team of highly experienced Engineers, DAGS is constantly developing ranges of advanced
And innovative products for the worldwide market.

DAGS has developed many models based on the successful Linux platform,
Recently launching the highly-anticipated HD models.
DAGS will be developing many more models based on this platform.
Furthermore, we are currently developing non-linux HD models to expand our product line-up.

We don’t feel it is enough to deliver just what the market is asking for today but to be one step ahead and develop not just for today,
but for the next year and the year after that.
From carrying out extensive research into the worldwide STB market,
Monitoring trends in the consumer electronics industry from end-users,
Distributors to dealers, DAGS is on course to develop products that consumers actually want and more.

The letter of appreciation from UNICEF & the Certificates are issued by Korea government as below,


DAGS, Inc. received An appreciation letter From UNICEF Korea.

경영혁신형 중소기업 확인서

Certification of MAIN-BIZ
(Management innovation type small and medium enterprise)

기술혁신형 중소기업 확인서

Certification of INNO-BIZ
(Technological innovation type small and medium enterprise)


Certification of Promising Export Firm by Small and Medium Administration.